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Ever heard of Workitout100? Well if you havent you definitely should! What is it exactly?

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#Workitout100 is a fun program where you have to workout for 100 days in a row (even active rest days count) that you do each day and commit to it. The program is ran by two girls named Amanda and Laura and their mission is to give you a great base for working out. After those 100 days are up, keep on going! They feel that your health and lifestyle will have changed and you will feel so much better and should feel proud for the 100 day challenge you completed. Which for me I am actually on day 97! (woo hoo!) and I have enjoyed the challenge since the beginning and makes you want to work out and feel better about yourself.

Our mission for this challenge is to give you a great base for working out. – See more at:

Recently the 2 girls decided to come up with a list of goals they want to accomplish while they are at their age as of right now which is 25 and 27. They came up with a list of 25 and 27 goals they want to accomplish before their next birthday. They want to see everyone else’s goals as well so I said why not give it a shot and come up with a list of 24 things myself since I recently just turned 24 on Memorial Day.

24 Things to Complete while I am 24:

  1. Run at least 3 or 4 more 5K races this year. (Already ran 2 5k’s on April 14 and 1 on May 24th and will be running another 5k Race “Race for the Cure” on June 14)
  2. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in December
  3. Run another Color Run! SO much fun getting covered in different colors!
  4. Read at least 2 or 3 more books before Fall Semester begins in August (This shall be easy since I love to read anyways)
  5. Lose at least 5-10 pounds
  6. Get into Yoga more
  7. Meet some of my fellow #TIUSISTERS (
  8. Go to Six Flags
  9. Go to the Farmer’s Market more this summer
  10. Get a REALLY good pair of running shoes so that means save up more money!
  11. Hopefully get engaged lol 🙂
  12. Get another tattoo
  13. Learn to make my own iced coffee from home
  14. Go on more walks on bike path
  15. Pay off bills
  16. Get better at Disc Golfing
  17. Run the Bix7
  18. Try to do one more internship before graduating college in December
  19. Learn to cook more things 🙂
  20. Learn how to French braid hair and fish tail
  21. Spend more time with friends.
  22. Eat more fruit! I love fruit but I just never eat enough like I should.
  23. Go to a few Iowa Hawkeye football games this fall
  24. Go on a fun weekend trip in another state

Creating lists are fun but definitely makes you think! It was hard coming up with 24 things! Now your turn to give it a shot 🙂

Be sure to check out workitout100’s website and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Amanda and Laura (Work it Out Creators)

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The Best Fitness Trackers

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get back into those shorts, tank tops and of course swim suits.

Buying a fitness tracker might help you push yourself a little harder when you see the results at the end of your workout on your tracker and help reach your goals quicker.

There are some great fitness trackers out there that you can purchase and I myself have two of them that I use when I workout. Of course I will post the two I have since I think they are great products but I will also post others that seem to be great fitness trackers according to others that have purchased them.

Fitness Trackers can be pricy but they are worth the cost.

1. Polar FT4 Watch

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*Product I have*
Cost: $99.95 (can purchase cheaper on Amazon for around $70)

  • Basic Fitness Tracker that allows you to track your heart rate and calories burned.
  • Comes with a comfortable heart rate sensor band that you wear around your upper body that tracks your heart rate.
  • Comes in a variety of different colors
  • Battery Life lasts long (have only had to change battery once so far, have had it for 2 years)
  • Polar has many different other types of fitness trackers that you can purchase that have more options than just calories burned like the FT4.

2. FitBit Zip

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*Second Product I have*
Cost: $59.95 (sold online and at many sport department stores as well as Best Buy)

  • Very small tracker that you can attach anywhere to your clothing. I put mine on my waist.
  • Zip tracks steps taken, calories burned and distance covered each day.
  • You can sync it anywhere from your phone, computer or tablet/iPad.
  • Comes in 5 different colors (pink,black,lime green,gray and blue)
  • You can create a Fitbit account where you can also track goals, water and food consumed and of course challenge friends!
  • You can earn badges by daily and weekly achievements.

3. Nike+ Fuelband SE

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Cost: $149

  • Wear on your wrist
  • Tracks intensity of your workouts, steps taken, calories burned, time, number of active hours, and sleep tracking (with Nike+Sessions)
  • Available in three different sizes (small,medium/large, extra large) and available in a few different colors.
  • Water-resistant
  • Bluetooth 4.0 pairing with Iphones and Ipods 5th generation or higher to use the Nike Fuel Band App

4. Fitbit Flex

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Cost: $99.95

  • Similar to the Fitbit Zip only larger and worn on the wrist.
  • Tracks distance traveled, steps taken and calories burned.
  • During the night it can track your sleep quality and can wake you up in the morning with a silent alarm. (tracks hours slept and the quality of your sleep)
  • Also can sync with your phone, computer and tablet/ipad
  • Water-Resistant
  • Available in 5 different colors

5. Withings Pulse

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Cost: $99.95

  • Tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned, elevation climbed, heartrate and even sleep quality.
  • Sync with your smartphone or tablet
  • Clips onto waistband or bra
  • Available in 4 colors (black, orange, blue, green)

Top 5 Must Haves for Home Fitness Equipment

We all enjoy the benefits to working out but not all of us can afford a gym membership. Working out at home is even better especially living in Iowa, not always can you get to the gym if the weather is bad.

For one, you are allowed to wake up and not care what you look like since nobody (except your family maybe?) will see you. You will save money on gas for not having to travel to the gym and you can workout whenever you want from your very own home. You don’t need expensive gym equipment at home to still get in a good workout .

All you need are these top 5 essentials and you are good to workout from home. Save time and money from going to the gym.

1. Yoga Mat

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Not everyone has nice carpeting in their homes.So having a yoga met will help with not having to lay on a hard floor. And you don’t have to use it just for yoga. Yoga mats are great for stretching, doing sit ups, planks and other forms of core work and push ups. Also most yoga mats are non-slip so they wont go sliding from underneath you when using.

2. Dumbbells/Kettlebells

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Whether they are 3 pounds, 5 pounds or even 15 pound dumbbells, they are always great to have at home. Dumbbells are great for strength training and focuses on the muscles you want to improve on toning up on. They are portable and you can find many different sizes at reasonable prices at any sports or department stores.
Kettlebells are also great to have. Lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once and they are easy to hold onto.

Alternatives if you don’t have dumbbells: Filled Water Bottles, cans, books. Anything heavy and easy to hold onto.


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Its essential to drink water while working out. It keeps you hydrated and lets you work out longer. So make sure to have a full bottle of water ready before you workout. Hydration is key. It is good to get in at least 8 cups of water each day, that totals to be about 64 ounces of water daily.

4. Aerobic DVDs

If you love cardio workouts, aerobic dvds are a must have. I myself have over 5 different workout DVDs that I enjoy working out to and keep the routine mixed up so I am not always doing the same thing over and over again. All you need is a dvd player and a tv and you are set.

Some of my favorite workout dvds are:

5. Resistance Bands

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There are a variety of different size resistance bands of your choosing such as light,medium and heavy. They are great for strength training and are used to tone up all different muscles in your body. You can do chest presses, tricep extenstions, shoulder presses,rows, bicep curls, and even squats when you place the band under your feet.  Resistance bands are very cheap to buy and can be purchased for under $10.

There are many more items that are great to have in your home gym but those 5 are the 5 must haves! Some others you could purchase are medicine balls, stability balls, chin up bars, jump ropes and stop watchers or timers.