Healthy Cooking

Food Prepping

Lately I have been on a huge health kick and following many others on Twitter, Instagram and people’s own personal health blogs to keep me motivated when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

Photo Credit: SkinnieMinnieMoves

Food Prepping has become a huge thing according to my eyes when I see people’s posts of all the food they bought at the grocery store and how they prep their meals for the entire week. Weekend food prep is key to eating healthy during the week.

I myself have never gone and bought a whole week’s worth of meals but I just might give it a shot and see if it helps me eat better during the week and keep on track.

Another great benefit is that spring is just around the corner so that means more fresh vegetables and fruit will start to be in season and you will also be able to buy local fresh ingredients but also will be a lot cheaper.

I came across a few great blogs on how to food prep and I myself will give it a try and I think everyone should too.


1. Make a grocery list
*Make a list of all the ingredients you need to buy for the weeks worth of meals. Remember to buy HEALTHY products.
*Be sure to check your cabinets first though so you don’t have to buy a product you already have in your home.
*Don’t forget to buy some ziploc baggies as well to help keep snacks in.

2. Get all your tupperware out that you will use to store your food in for the week.

3. Cut up all your vegetables and fruit that you bought to be put into your meals and set them aside.

4. Cut up and cook any meat that you bought that you will be using for your meals.

5. Divide all your vegetables,fruits and meats throughout your storage containers so each meal is equally divided.
*Put in the meat first into your tupperware and then add your vegetables, fruits, grains over the top.

Sounds pretty easy to me. Just be sure to set some time to yourself for meal prepping. At least one to two hours worth of time is what it takes to food prep.