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Ever heard of Workitout100? Well if you havent you definitely should! What is it exactly?

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#Workitout100 is a fun program where you have to workout for 100 days in a row (even active rest days count) that you do each day and commit to it. The program is ran by two girls named Amanda and Laura and their mission is to give you a great base for working out. After those 100 days are up, keep on going! They feel that your health and lifestyle will have changed and you will feel so much better and should feel proud for the 100 day challenge you completed. Which for me I am actually on day 97! (woo hoo!) and I have enjoyed the challenge since the beginning and makes you want to work out and feel better about yourself.

Our mission for this challenge is to give you a great base for working out. – See more at:

Recently the 2 girls decided to come up with a list of goals they want to accomplish while they are at their age as of right now which is 25 and 27. They came up with a list of 25 and 27 goals they want to accomplish before their next birthday. They want to see everyone else’s goals as well so I said why not give it a shot and come up with a list of 24 things myself since I recently just turned 24 on Memorial Day.

24 Things to Complete while I am 24:

  1. Run at least 3 or 4 more 5K races this year. (Already ran 2 5k’s on April 14 and 1 on May 24th and will be running another 5k Race “Race for the Cure” on June 14)
  2. Graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in December
  3. Run another Color Run! SO much fun getting covered in different colors!
  4. Read at least 2 or 3 more books before Fall Semester begins in August (This shall be easy since I love to read anyways)
  5. Lose at least 5-10 pounds
  6. Get into Yoga more
  7. Meet some of my fellow #TIUSISTERS (
  8. Go to Six Flags
  9. Go to the Farmer’s Market more this summer
  10. Get a REALLY good pair of running shoes so that means save up more money!
  11. Hopefully get engaged lol 🙂
  12. Get another tattoo
  13. Learn to make my own iced coffee from home
  14. Go on more walks on bike path
  15. Pay off bills
  16. Get better at Disc Golfing
  17. Run the Bix7
  18. Try to do one more internship before graduating college in December
  19. Learn to cook more things 🙂
  20. Learn how to French braid hair and fish tail
  21. Spend more time with friends.
  22. Eat more fruit! I love fruit but I just never eat enough like I should.
  23. Go to a few Iowa Hawkeye football games this fall
  24. Go on a fun weekend trip in another state

Creating lists are fun but definitely makes you think! It was hard coming up with 24 things! Now your turn to give it a shot 🙂

Be sure to check out workitout100’s website and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Amanda and Laura (Work it Out Creators)

Work it Out Facebook Page

Work it Out Twitter Page
Work it Out Instagram Page


Top 10 Healthiest Colleges in America

College students have a very busy lifestyle and it can be hard to find time to eat right and fit in daily exercise since most students have to go to class and work to make ends meet. But many colleges offer healthy alternatives to food choices and offer fitness programs for a low price at gyms or possibly free entry if you are a student (just like University of Iowa). If you are a student at the University of Iowa, all students have free access to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Sadly, the University of Iowa did not make this top 10 list of the healthiest colleges in America but in my opinion, I think the University of Iowa is pretty well fit and healthy.

Take a look at the list of the Top 10 Healthiest Colleges in America.


Top 10 Healthiest Colleges in America

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Top 10
1. Bowdoin College
2. Stanford University
3. Virginia Tech
4. Rice University
5. Washington University in St. Louis
6. Brown University
7. Wheaton University
8. Cornell University
9. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
10. Bryn Mawr College


Women’s Health and Lifestyle Fair

The Women’s Health and Lifestyle Fair was held in Davenport Iowa at the RiverCenter on March 1st and 2nd. Throughout the RiverCenter, over 100 vendors were offering new health products for everyone to try, fashion, beauty products and even companies that you could join or become a part of such as gyms to get your body into better shape.

The featured celebrity guest this year that came to speak was Ruben Studdard, winner of American Idol and celebrity guest on The Biggest Loser. Ruben spoke about his journey on American Idol and more so on his journey on The Biggest Loser and how he lost weight.

Dietitian Holds Food Demonstration in Iowa City

JoAnn Miller, University of Iowa Dietitian hosted a food demonstration on February 19, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in Iowa City,Iowa. The demonstration discussed how to incorporate healthier foods into the diet daily. JoAnn also provided four different recipes for everyone to try and many seemed to enjoy.

Recipes Made (Click to View Recipes)

  • Massaged Kale Salad
  • Fruity Thai Pita Pockets
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  • Breakfast Rice Cereal

Food Prepping

Lately I have been on a huge health kick and following many others on Twitter, Instagram and people’s own personal health blogs to keep me motivated when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

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Food Prepping has become a huge thing according to my eyes when I see people’s posts of all the food they bought at the grocery store and how they prep their meals for the entire week. Weekend food prep is key to eating healthy during the week.

I myself have never gone and bought a whole week’s worth of meals but I just might give it a shot and see if it helps me eat better during the week and keep on track.

Another great benefit is that spring is just around the corner so that means more fresh vegetables and fruit will start to be in season and you will also be able to buy local fresh ingredients but also will be a lot cheaper.

I came across a few great blogs on how to food prep and I myself will give it a try and I think everyone should too.


1. Make a grocery list
*Make a list of all the ingredients you need to buy for the weeks worth of meals. Remember to buy HEALTHY products.
*Be sure to check your cabinets first though so you don’t have to buy a product you already have in your home.
*Don’t forget to buy some ziploc baggies as well to help keep snacks in.

2. Get all your tupperware out that you will use to store your food in for the week.

3. Cut up all your vegetables and fruit that you bought to be put into your meals and set them aside.

4. Cut up and cook any meat that you bought that you will be using for your meals.

5. Divide all your vegetables,fruits and meats throughout your storage containers so each meal is equally divided.
*Put in the meat first into your tupperware and then add your vegetables, fruits, grains over the top.

Sounds pretty easy to me. Just be sure to set some time to yourself for meal prepping. At least one to two hours worth of time is what it takes to food prep.

Top 5 Must Haves for Home Fitness Equipment

We all enjoy the benefits to working out but not all of us can afford a gym membership. Working out at home is even better especially living in Iowa, not always can you get to the gym if the weather is bad.

For one, you are allowed to wake up and not care what you look like since nobody (except your family maybe?) will see you. You will save money on gas for not having to travel to the gym and you can workout whenever you want from your very own home. You don’t need expensive gym equipment at home to still get in a good workout .

All you need are these top 5 essentials and you are good to workout from home. Save time and money from going to the gym.

1. Yoga Mat

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Not everyone has nice carpeting in their homes.So having a yoga met will help with not having to lay on a hard floor. And you don’t have to use it just for yoga. Yoga mats are great for stretching, doing sit ups, planks and other forms of core work and push ups. Also most yoga mats are non-slip so they wont go sliding from underneath you when using.

2. Dumbbells/Kettlebells

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Whether they are 3 pounds, 5 pounds or even 15 pound dumbbells, they are always great to have at home. Dumbbells are great for strength training and focuses on the muscles you want to improve on toning up on. They are portable and you can find many different sizes at reasonable prices at any sports or department stores.
Kettlebells are also great to have. Lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once and they are easy to hold onto.

Alternatives if you don’t have dumbbells: Filled Water Bottles, cans, books. Anything heavy and easy to hold onto.


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Its essential to drink water while working out. It keeps you hydrated and lets you work out longer. So make sure to have a full bottle of water ready before you workout. Hydration is key. It is good to get in at least 8 cups of water each day, that totals to be about 64 ounces of water daily.

4. Aerobic DVDs

If you love cardio workouts, aerobic dvds are a must have. I myself have over 5 different workout DVDs that I enjoy working out to and keep the routine mixed up so I am not always doing the same thing over and over again. All you need is a dvd player and a tv and you are set.

Some of my favorite workout dvds are:

5. Resistance Bands

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There are a variety of different size resistance bands of your choosing such as light,medium and heavy. They are great for strength training and are used to tone up all different muscles in your body. You can do chest presses, tricep extenstions, shoulder presses,rows, bicep curls, and even squats when you place the band under your feet.  Resistance bands are very cheap to buy and can be purchased for under $10.

There are many more items that are great to have in your home gym but those 5 are the 5 must haves! Some others you could purchase are medicine balls, stability balls, chin up bars, jump ropes and stop watchers or timers.

Coffee and Workouts

Coffee. It’s what we look forward to each morning to help us wake up and start off our day right. 54% of Americans 18 and over drink coffee everyday according to Statistic Brain. But what benefits does it have with workouts?

Caffeine has many powerful effects which help function the brain in different ways. So is it good to drink coffee before or after a workout? The answer is before.

Caffeine is a stimulant and the caffeine will help improve your workout and let you workout longer by increasing your heart rate and improving blood flow from the heart to the rest of your body. It also increases the amount of adrenaline in your system, causing a rush of extra oxygen and glucose to your muscles. Not only that but it will help your body burn more fat as well. Who doesn’t want to drop those few extra pounds?

Dark roasted coffee has less caffeine than light roasted coffee. Whatever you prefer though to drink is your choice. If you need that extra boost of energy go for the dark roasted. Along with increased energy to push through tough workouts, black coffee provides an increase in mental focus as well. Improved focus will help keep workouts effective and productive.

Do set a limit though to how much you consume. Too much caffeine prior to your workout can actually decrease performance causing you to feel dizzy or even nauseous. 300 mg is about the amount you want to aim for, no more than that.


Just another reason to enjoy coffee in our lives. Wake up, drink coffee and workout!

University of Iowa offers free Intuitive Eating Workshop

IOWA CITY, Iowa- Do you think you know your body well enough when it comes to nutrition and physical activity? Most people might say they do but there is a lot that goes into it. Unless you are a health expert you probably don’t. That’s where Intuitive Eating comes into play.

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What exactly is Intuitive Eating? According to the Student Health and Wellness site at the University of Iowa, they say that “Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body.” You yourself would become to know your body so well you would feel an expert at knowing what your body truly needs each day. You would learn how to distinguish between emotional and physical feelings and also would gain a sense of body wisdom. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

The Student Health and Wellness at the University of Iowa is offering free workshops for students that are interested in creating a healthy relationship with food, their bodies and their minds where students will be able to become experts of knowing themselves and their bodies.

The University of Iowa is offering free four-week workshops for students that will be taught by certified Intuitive Eating Counselors. This is the third year that the University of Iowa has held the Intuitive Eating workshops. There will be two different workshops available to register for and will be held at the CRWC (Campus Rec and Wellness Center) in downtown Iowa City on Tuesday nights. The first 4 week workshop starts on February 11th and ends March 4th.  It will begin at 7 p.m. and goes until 8:30. If you were not able to make the first workshop, students will have a second chance to attend beginning April 7 and runs until April 28. Same time as the first workshop but will be held on Monday nights.

Heidi Bohall, Behavioral Health Consultant at the University of Iowa spoke about the Intuitive Eating workshops and what all will be involved.

“The goal of Intuitive Eating is to create a health relationship between mind, body, food and exercise.” Bohall explained. “We spend time on each of the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.”

“It’s a combination of us sharing information, video clips, participant discussions, practice activities and take-home challenges.”

Students do not need to bring anything but themselves to the workshops. Packets will be distributed at the first workshop which students are expected to bring each week for activities and practice. The class sizes consist of 10 to 12 individuals but allow up to 25 in registration. There will be three different health educators that will rotate the workshops. JoAnn Miller (SHW Dietician), Trish Welter (SHW Senior Behavioral Consultant) and Heidi Bohall (SHW Behavioral Health Consultant).

If you’re a University of Iowa student interested in participating in the Intuitive Eating Workshop, click one of the links below where you can register for either workshop that suits you.

1st Workshop- 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday’s Feb 11-March 4

2nd Workshop- 7-8:30 p.m. Monday’s April 7- April 28

If you are interested in the program but can’t make it to the workshops you can even have your own 1-hour session for your dorm floor, sorority or organization with a health educator.  The health educator is then able to provide anyone with a 1-hour session that will introduce you to Intuitive Eating andthe 10 Principles that it has to offer. If you are interested in this program you can request the 1-hour program and fill out a program request form.

Want to know more on Intuitive Eating, check out the Intuitive Eating site at

Any other questions you can contact Heidi at

Five Weeks to Wellness

Are you participating in the Five Weeks to Wellness Challenge at The University of Iowa?

Photo Credit: Student Health & Wellness Five Weeks to Wellness

The University of Iowa launched its 5 Weeks to Wellness Challenge on February 3rd and the challenge goes on until March 9th, 2014.

So what exactly is the 5 weeks to Wellness Challenge?

The Five Weeks to Wellness Challenge is a challenge that focuses on improving your nutrition and fitness habits while boosting your overall wellness. Not only are you striving to eat better each day and look better by participating in physical activities but at the end of the challenge you will get a prize of your choosing for participating.

Each Monday you will receive weekly goals, expert tips on how to stay healthy and support from experts. Once you are registered you will track your progress with a scorecard each week to monitor what you have been doing. You can either print off the scorecard or keep track on ICON of your progress. There are physical activity and nutrition goals for each week. Each goal is worth 1 token per day so the more the better!

The goal is 50 tokens.

So what happens at the end of the challenge? Once the challenge is over on March 9th, you will complete an online evaluation on March 10th that is emailed to you and submit the total amount of tokens you earned so you can be eligible for prizes.You will receive an email on how to pick up the prize of your choice if you accumulated 50+ tokens. The prize choices include: water bottle, salad shaker, gym towel, and food container. Students who complete the challenge (50+ tokens) will also be entered in the large prize drawing (dry-fit shirt from Running Wild, mug and smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, and Recreational Services personal training session).

So far my progress is going well as I too am taking on this challenge. Who’s with me?!